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How to Convince Your Body to Lose Weight

How to Convince Your Body to Lose Weight

If you've been scrolling through Pinterest and looking for a way to lose weight after 50, you might want to start this post.

If you're struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts, you may need to learn how to convince your body to lose weight.

Most diets work in the beginning. Almost all of you stick to them. But what we know from a lot of research is that 95% of diets end in failure and women regain their weight, often with a few extra pounds.

This means that only about 5% of women who lose weight will maintain it over the long term.

Now there's a lot of data missing from that sentence, but it's a very dismal statistic. Although this is a multi-billion dollar diet in the industry, it doesn't work for long, even when it does.

It's frustrating. And then what we discover in our 50s or 60s is that what worked before doesn't work anymore.

Many women have more weight on their bodies than they would like. And they feel depressed every day because of it.

How to manage unwanted weight

Some of you may have unreasonable expectations about your weight.

For others, it's a reasonable desire, but you can no longer achieve it.

Because that's the thing. For many of you, it's usually one of the few things:

It used to be that you could lose weight by reducing your weight or exercising more.

For others, you didn't have a problem until your 50s or menopause.

And some of you have always had heavier bodies.

Why can't you tell your body what to do?

As women, most of us have spent decades denying ourselves the growing desperation to have the body we crave.

Well, here's some bad news. At the age of 50 or 60, your body is sick and tired from dieting and deprivation. She served you faithfully and all she gets for her problem is for you to tell her how awful she is and how weak you are.

This is not the formula for a healthy body!

The other thing is that our bodies don't just produce a penny. How many times have you started a smoking cessation diet after just a few days? Many women give up on the same day!

It may take months before your body begins to respond ostensibly to your attempts to eat healthily. Healing often begins on the inside, long before you see things on the outside.

You'll often notice that you feel better, have more energy, and have less control over your cravings long before you lose a single pound.

I know this isn't the news you want in a world of instant gratification. But taking care of your body takes time, empathy, and ever-increasing mental strength.

Yes, you will have to train your mind more than your body to get the desired results. Because you will have to eat and love your body as if it had already lost weight long before.

How to convince your body to lose weight?

How do you convince someone to do anything?

  • You build a relationship of trust
  • Know your needs
  • You respect them
  • You treat them with kindness
  • Understand their point of view
  • You give them something back
  • be patient

I don't know about you, but even writing this paragraph gave me goosebumps.

guess what? Your body hates it too and after years of being treated this way, it's had enough of this kind of treatment.

It is by changing your thoughts and feelings about your body that you begin to convince your body to lose weight. You start a relationship with this incredible and beautiful body that you have.

Women contact me because nothing works anymore. You already know this, but you can't keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

The benefits of loving your body first

If you have this thought, which is already in your head, "But if I love my body, I might as well give up." "I will gain more weight." You are not alone.

We usually think we motivate ourselves by telling ourselves these kinds of things.

  • you are fat and ugly
  • you are a loser
  • you are lazy

P or for your good, please stop talking to yourself like that!

If you just change the way you talk to yourself, you'll feel better.

Why do you even want to lose weight?

So let's work on feeling better first.

7 ways to convince your body to lose weight

Build a relationship of trust

Now, instead of focusing on your weight, you'll start building trust with your body.

How to build a relationship of trust with your body?

Here are the basic rules:

  • Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Notice how often you say mean things. Never spill these things.
  • Practice new ways to enjoy your body. How would you rate it? Look beyond the number on the scale or the size of your clothes.
  • Check with your senses. Be grateful for everything that helps you connect to the world: your eyes, your nose, your ears, your touch, and your intuition.
  • Do you have the ability to turn around? Not everyone does it easily.
  • Is your brain healthy? You are here, so I guess so.
  • Do you dance, sing, make love, hug and smell the flowers?
  • When you allow yourself, do you like food?

Know your body's needs

Your body has needs. In my experience, women are experts at ignoring even their most basic needs. We often dismiss these needs as inappropriate.

The next time you have to pee, write down your self-talk. I can guarantee you do mind stopping what you're doing and going to the bathroom.

But we reduce our material needs in other ways:

  • We work long hours
  • We don't prioritize rest or even sleep
  • We eat foods we don't like because they are healthy
  • Too often, we feed, but we do not feed our body
  • We eat, drink and sit too much
  • We avoid exercising because we think it will be too difficult and we ignore safe, easy, and satisfying workouts.

Everything on this list needs to be addressed. If you don't even care about your body's basic needs, how can you expect it to lose weight now?

Here's something you need to know. Your body is designed to support the weight. Excess weight has always been not only beneficial but also life-saving.

These people are carrying extra weight! it is.

Therefore, it is important to ask your body to lose weight when it is literally programmed to survive.

Your body is preoccupied with its physical needs and its survival. It doesn't matter what size you wear or how heavy you are.

respect your body

Do you even respect your body? I guess it wouldn't be after talking to a lot of women. They just see their body as overweight or not. Thin or not thin. beautiful or ugly.

Ladies, we are much more than these restricted dimensions. We are amazing bodies with 3D color technology no matter what you are currently thinking.

Something that has helped me is following women of all sizes, races, and cultures on social media, who treat their bodies with respect and don't hide their glorious personalities until they hit a certain weight.

I also like to notice the beautiful women in my real life, who clearly respect their bodies by dressing neatly and looking gorgeous.

You can take this to the bank. If you respect your body, most people will too. What if no one does? who is interested? Only your opinion really matters.

I kept that respect for a very long time. Before others give it to you, you must give it to yourself!

Treat your body gently

When was the last time you were kind to your body?

If your answer is:

  • I started a restricted diet to lose weight today
  • I ate a salad
  • I did a hard workout (unless you like that kind of thing)

Let's do it again.

What does it mean to treat your body with kindness?

  • You speak kindly to your body.
  • You feed him when he's hungry with the food he likes.
  • You don't numb your feelings too much.
  • You acknowledge your feelings!
  • You move your body in a way that makes you feel good.
  • You praise it abundantly and outrageously.
  • You smile at him every time you look in the mirror.
  • You protect him from toxic people, situations, and substances.

Understand your body's point of view

As I said above, your body is programmed to survive in as many conditions as possible. Living in a time of plentiful and plentiful food is a relatively new thing for our bodies.

From an evolutionary point of view, our bodies are several centuries behind our present mentality. It is designed to maintain weight. Gaining and maintaining weight is essential for your body.

This is because the corpses that could do this were usually the ones that survived. You are the product of it.

The weight that is chosen for beautification is not the basic need of your body. This is why there is a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and many invasive procedures that attempt to force bodies to do what they were not created to do.

Part of convincing your body to lose weight is convincing it that it's safe. Starting a restricted diet every week does not convince your body of safety.

Starving him only convinces him that it's true and that he should hang on to the weight. Remember that they are primitive and value life and security.

This primitive part of your body also does not recognize good or bad foods.

Types of food that aren't ideal these days, like processed foods or junk foods, seem to be very good for your body.

Our primitive bodies appreciate easy-to-get, high-energy foods.

In its simplest form, it's any food that your body perceives as sugar. That's why we often unwittingly receive sweets or cookies from the office. Our bodies see fast energy!

Back then, finding a beehive or fruit on a tree did the trick. It was a mind-blowing moment for our ancestors.

This is something to keep in mind. What you think is healthy, and your preferred body type is actually what you have been taught and conditioned to believe. Thin does not mean healthy. Excess weight does not mean unhealthy.

Many thin women you envy and think are healthy aren't. Whether or not you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Some don't. But their thinness means absolutely nothing about their state of health.

Give your body something back

Have you ever thought about doing something for your beautiful body?

You can give your body very good food. You can give your body a few hours without doing anything.

Take your body outside for a walk. I love your body. Look in the mirror and tell your body how much you love and appreciate it.

Touch your skin and massage it gently. Smile more than it sends special signals to your brain.

Admire other natural bodies to let your body know that you love your body too.

You can get the picture. Offer your love to your body in all its dimensions. Let her know that you are committed to taking care of her.

You make your body a lifetime commitment to love and care for it, no matter what.

so patient

It can take time, sometimes weeks and sometimes months, for your body to respond to your love and care.

Your body is complex and has many systems. By the time most of us are in our 50s, we have destroyed many natural processes in our bodies.

Your food and digestive hormones are likely to be somewhat under pressure. Your insulin sensitivity will probably not be what it used to be. Many of you have or are about to have thyroid problems.

Feeding and healing your body should be your top priority.

For some of you, you may need to be more careful. For many of you, learning to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full can work wonders.

No one will struggle nutritionally by cutting out most junk foods.

It may seem counterintuitive, but many women need to include more of the right kinds of foods in their diet.

You don't have to make all of these changes at once. Give yourself time to make changes and get to know your body.

Give your body time to adjust and heal. Give him time to get to know you. Give your body time to believe that you are finally ready to be loved and cared for.

Plan to take care of your body like this forever and no matter what happens to your weight, you'll be fine.