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Dog Howling


Howling can be another way that dogs communicate with each other. However, there are times that howling can be really annoying and you want to do something to stop it. Since there are times that howling can be disturbing and scary for some, you must learn how to stop dog howling so your neighbors won`t complain.


Is there anything you can do at all to stop howling? What can you do to minimize or better yet stop dog howling? The first thing that you can do if you want to stop dog howling is to know why dogs do this. Howling goes back to the wolves when they would howl as a way to signal to other wolves that they were there.

Dogs of today still howl and even the domesticated dogs howl as a form of communication. Sometimes howling is also in response to other dogs that are also howling. They howl when they hear sirens or noise from televisions and also howl because of their instinct. So when you are trying to stop dog howling, you might want to do some or all of the animated gifs following:

If you want to stop dog howling, you must distract your dog. Know what are the things that stimulate your dog to howl. By doing this, you will be able to decrease or stop dog howling.

Another thing you can do to stop dog howling is to give your dog something to do. You can give him a toy to chew. It could be that your dog is bored. If you remove the boredom, then it is very likely that you will also be able to stop dog howling.

Howling could be a sign that your dog is scared of something. To stop dog howling, comfort your dog and let him know that he is safe with you.

These tips will be a big help if you are dealing with a howling and whining dog. You must be patient and consistent when you do training. Training will help in the development of the personality of the puppy and at the same time, you will build a closer bond with your dog.

Here are some of the things that you must not do when your dog is howling:

Never yell or shout at your dog. Although howling can be really irritating especially if it is done frequently, you must practice patience. Think that it will soon be eliminated as long as you know the right way to do it.

Do not howl back at your dog. You are just encouraging.

Do not strike your dog or get physical with him.

Do not close your dog's mouth!

Do not use shock collars. This is brutal and there are other ways that you can use to stop the howling.

Stop Dog Howling

You must avoid doing these because these things will just aggravate the problem as subject to your dog. You must be able to pinpoint the cause of the so that you will understand why your dog keeps on doing it and what you can do in order to stop it. It is possible that your dog feels afraid, is lonely, bored, or insecure just like red tiger bulldog. These problems from your dog can be resolved and you must do something about it so the howling will not worsen.