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Are You in a Tailspin With Choosing Chicken Breeds?

Are You in a Tailspin With Choosing Chicken Breeds?


Choosing Chicken Breeds

When you're buying your chicken you want to look for something that's lovely,healthy and alert as well.

Not the chicken that's huddled in the corner.

They need to be scratching at things and looking pretty alert and attentive and engaged.

If you're a first-time chicken owner, I am going to go over a list with you of all the different chickens that I would recommend when choosing chicken breeds.

If you are looking to own chickens for the first time or even if not, you just want to add some really good breeds to your flock to mix it up.

I would recommend the Black Stars your black sex links your production Reds.

And also I am loving the golden comments or the cinnamon Queens.

If you are again getting chickens for the first time or if you want to mix up the flock you have got to add Buff Orpingtons to your mix.

Buff Orpingtons

When choosing chicken breeds, I don't know anyone that owns chickens that is going to not love or has loved or recommend to you Buff Orpington chickens.

They are a great dual purpose bird they are very gentle endless egg layers it seems they do go broody though.

Thy are just a wonderful gentle breed I really highly recommend it.

There are different types of Orpingtons, they are a great bird in my opinion for all of these things that I find desirable especially foraging.

Because they love to go out and get the fresh greens and pick the grass I would definitely tell you, you need to think about above Orpington as well.

The Black Austral or the Black Australorp

They are known to be some of the top egg-laying chicken and the cheetah the leghorns.

What I have found so far is they are very gentle just great gals they stick together, and they are gentle with all the other breeds of chickens as well...

They love to forage, so they come out they're not afraid to do their thing because you definitely want to consider a bird if it's going to forage for you.

That means it's going to be less on your food bill which is potentially good for your pocket

Black Australorp Mixes

When choosing chicken breeds, these mixes are fantastic, so you definitely want to consider the black Australorp again that's another breed that you're going to find is fantastic for dual-purpose.

They are supposed to have really beautiful large brown eggs very highly recommended by every homesteader.

Well Simmer Chickens

Of all the eggs, they get a beautiful deep terracotta colour to them, and they're speckled.

They are really nice foragers as well and they have a really good personality.

Fair to know though...

They are pretty docile, yet are kind of aloof at times they want their do their own thing, but they're very friendly.

They do very well in the cold they are a cold hardy breed.

The well simmer is something that every homestead should have if you possibly could.

Easter Eggers

They are probably the number one bird right now in terms of people getting them, wanting them, and adding them to their homestead.

They are fairly readily available, they' are the new up-and-coming bird that everybody is enjoying.

A lot of people really want to have the americana as well.

The Easter Eggers can be a little flighty at times they like their space that's okay.

They give a plethora of color of eggs...

You name the colour, you just about and get it all.

The barred rock Easter Egger mix..

They are fantastic, so if you have the opportunity to add a couple of Easter Eggers, you are going to find that variety in your egg colour a lot of fun.

And you are really going to enjoy having this breed too.

Leghorn Chickens

Some people do not like leg horns, don't know why...

However they do appreciate them for their heavy heavy egg-laying.

OK this is not a meat bird, this is your heavy heavy egg layer they tend to be a little bit flighty.

Once the hens have gotten to be around a year old they have really calmed down they forage well.

They get along very well with all the other chickens as well.

For the size of the bird and the amount of feed that they have to have, they give a very competitive sized egg.

And of course they're white so it's really nice to have white eggs.

Your different dual purpose birds give you Brown.

And then your Easter Eggers and specialty breeds that give you different colored eggs.

I know you're going to be able to find the Leghorn Chicken in your area.

Again the Leghorn and the black Australorp SAR your top layers and just great to have in your flock.

Last but not least on our list here is definitely going to be the.

Barred Rock Chickens

You should have an easy time finding barred rocks.

And you are not going to be disappointed with these beautiful birds.

They are great egg layers, they do very well in the cold and heat, no problem at all...

And they get along very well with all the other chickens.

So I'm definitely going to recommend the dual-purpose bird of the bard rock to you, you're going to enjoy mixing those in with the rest of your flock.

So, choosing chicken breeds can be fun and a little bit confusing.

But here are some suggestions.

Of course there are many lovely breeds of chickens out there, it all depends on where you live and what birds you can get as well.